Convequity's core coverage areas are cybersecurity, data management, and productivity. Typically, the public equities we cover in these areas are medium to high growth enterprise tech companies. Many of these stocks are transitioning from being GAAP loss making to GAAP profitable, and are generally small to mid cap SaaS companies. We are long-term bullish on these stocks because of the signals manifesting that they will be future industry leaders.

Within these three main areas of technology, we also cover a few mature public tech names, which have successfully transitioned much of their business to SaaS, and are generating a good balance of growth and free cash flow. These stocks are under covered, less hyped, but offer investors the potential of long-term excess returns. As we invest in the stocks we recommend, this value tilt helps us diversify against the volatile nature of the growth factor.  

As we keep an eye on upstream technology developments (i.e., semiconductors) and broader themes (e.g., the metaverse), we do also have peripheral coverage on large public tech names we believe are riding major secular and global trends.

Lastly, within the core coverage areas - cybersecurity, data management, productivity - we research a number of private startups that we believe are worth monitoring for their disruption potential.  

To learn about our approach to tech investment research, please visit the Why Convequity page. In the following sections, you can browse and read about the tech areas and companies we research.

Sector coverage

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Why Cybersecurity?

Public companies:

Late-stage startups:

Data Management

Why Data Management?

Public companies:

Late-stage startups:

  • Databricks
  • Cohesity
  • Starburst
  • Dbt
  • Astronomer
  • Fivetran


Why Productivity?

Public companies:

  • (MNDY)
  • Asana (ASAN)
  • Jamf Holdings (JAMF)
  • Okta (OKTA)
  • GitLab (GTLB)
  • HashiCorp  (HCP)
  • Datadog (DDOG)
  • Confluent (CFLT)

Late-stage startups:

  • Airtable
  • Calendly
  • ClickUp

Secular Themes

  • Metaverse
  • Wafer Fabrication Equipment
  • Semiconductor
  • Infrastructure
  • Crypto

Public companies:

  • Meta Platforms (META)
  • Intel (INTC)
  • Broadcom (AVGO)
  • Applied Materials (AMAT)
  • KLA Tencor (KLAC)
  • Tokyo Electron (TEL)
  • Lam Research (LRCX)
  • ASML (ASM)
  • Lasertec (LSRCXF)

As a tech investor it's crucial to be on the right side of major tech trends, and they shape our assessments on subject companies in our research. Some prior reports delve into these key trends, and we plan on producing more content on these in the near future.

  • SaaS Consolidation
  • Superclouds
  • APIs & Serverless
  • Vertical Integration
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