Premium Subscription

For those investors happy to just consume free content, please visit our Substack, where you can access previous free reports and receive occasional reports. We also post insights and analysis on a daily basis on Twitter. You can also access free content at Seeking Alpha. Alternatively, you can scroll down the Latest page and see the pieces of content which are free.

Premium subscribers will receive frequent research, including deep dives, updates, and theme-based reports. In each deep dive report we cover the company's technology (product, architecture, vision), business fundamentals, and valuation - more detail about our research approach can be found on the Why Convequity page.

The valuations are presented in a detailed Google Sheet, which can be downloaded or copied and pasted into your own spreadsheet, so that you can adjust the assumptions accordingly. Over the time, our valuation model has gone through some iteration, and we believe the current version is a good balance of simplicity and detail.

The updates are spread out over each quarter and provide a review of the company's latest quarterly earnings, management's commentary, and recaps pertaining to business strategy, key innovations, and overall competitiveness.

Theme-oriented reports are published periodically, though, from Premium subscribers we welcome suggestions. Previously, we've released theme-oriented reports within the cybersecurity space, and more recently we've done the same with DevOps and data management. Premium subscribers should expect more of these report types in the coming months.

If you want to share with a colleague/friend to encourage them to subscribe to our future premium contents, please feel free to do so. Sharing snippets of our research on social media is also fine.  

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