Notes: Wiz - The Cloud Security Decacorn Challenging Palo Alto Networks

Notes: Wiz - The Cloud Security Decacorn Challenging Palo Alto Networks


  • Wiz has achieved phenomenal success competing against the giant Palo Alto Networks in cloud security, reaching $350m in ARR in just four years.
  • In this Notes report, we dive into the architecture supporting Wiz's superior ability in agentless cloud security.
  • We have about 9000 words of content on Wiz and its competition with PANW, which we will share in upcoming reports during the next week, exclusively for Premium & Institutional subscribers.

Wiz’s Architecture

Core Advantage: Comprehensive Scanning and Contextualization

Wiz's key product advantage lies in its ability to scan a wide range of cloud assets and correlate findings, providing users with clear risk prioritization rankings. This capability sets Wiz apart from traditional Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) providers.

Consider this example highlighting Wiz's differentiation: A typical CSPM provider might flag an alert that a Kubernetes cluster has a public-facing endpoint, generally considered a security risk. This alert alone might cause unnecessary alarm and prompt immediate action to restrict access, potentially causing problems for the associated application. However, Wiz's comprehensive scanning and correlation capabilities would provide a more contextualized, detailed risk assessment, such as:

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